Time Waits for No One

A fanfic.

(Source: o-bee)


Chapter 14; 

Paris was sitting in her room watching The Lion King when the part with Simba and Nala making up after all those years came on while Timor and Puumba were singing “Can you feel the love tonight.” Suddenly Paris realized how much different the house had been since Nikole went back to her house for a break. Paris reached for her iphone and started to scroll through her contacts til she found Nikole, finally she clicked on her name and started to text her while getting comfortable on her bed laying on her stomach. 

Hey girl we miss you around here where u coming back?

Paris sent then set her phone back down and went back to watching the movie laughing when Timon and Puumba started to cry about potentionally losing their bestfriend and protection to Nala the lion of Simba’s dreams. Nikole was laying down when she recieved the text from Paris, she smiled and read the text once more before replying, she just happened to be watching Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, which was Nikole’s favorite movie to watch no matter how old she was this movie was always going to be her go to movie when she needed to escape. 

Hey there Peaches! how are you? awee you miss me? how about i miss you so much more baby girl! I’ll come by tomorrow how about that?

Nikole sent and went back to her movie, thinking about Michael and how much she missed him. Michael was in his room listening to music thinking about Nikole like always, on of Nikole’s favorite music artists was Bruno Mars, Michael laid across the bed on his back looking up at the ceiling and listening to Bruno Mars’ song ‘Our First Time’ which sent Michael to many memories, Their first kiss, the first time they held hands, When he found out that Blanket was Nikole’s child. The first time he told her he loved her, and the first time he ever held her, “I miss her so much” he whispered to himself, his eyes closed. He wanted to hold her right in this very moment, he wanted to stroke her hair and tell her a million times over he loved her. Mean while Paris was still texting her trying to convince Nikole to come over now, Paris was aware of how much her father missed Nikole and how his heart called out for her. She knew every night her father was crying himself to sleep in hopes that Nikole was just as hurt and would come back to him. 

Y not tonite? wht r u doing now?

Paris replied back without reading all of Nikole’s response, she wanted to ssee Nikole now, they all did, especially Michael. Nikole still laying on the couch with her carton of cookie dough watching Belle fall in love with the Beast bawling like this was the first time she had ever seen the movie. Feeling her phone vibrate she reached for it and read over Paris’ text, Nodding her head she hit the facetime button and called Paris waiting for the gorgeous teenager to come on to the come on to the call face to face. 

"Hey rockstar how are you?" Paris smiled while she answered the facetime calling with a bright smile. "Hey lovely! You need me to come right now?" Nikole giggled as she stuffed cookie dough into her mouth. "Now would be ideal yeah! I mean it’s been forever since we’ve seen you, shoot even Bloonket is asking about you!" Paris chuckled "And besides I want to show you my new baby" Paris continued as she glanced over at her collection of guitars. "Please Nik please please please?" Paris Pleaded poking her lip out as she whined. "Well where is your father?" Nikole asked curiously as she sat up preparing to go get ready to spend the night with Michael and his children. "He’s in his room, either drawing, listening to music, watching a movie or … writing a song" Paris said smiling some, "He recently wrote about you…" She slipped the secret of Michael’s new song, she was the only one who knew about the new song. "Are you serious?" Nikole asked with concern. "This can’t be good, is it anything like Dirty Diana?" Nikole asked with guilt written all over her face. "What? Girl no! It’s about falling in love all over again" she said sweetly back to Nikole tucking her hair behind her ear. "Can you just come by please, I really want to talk to you about something too" Paris smiled and gave a devious look. "See ya when you get here!" Paris made the kissy face and hung up the facetime call. 

"He wrote a damn song about me" Nikole said shaking her head as she walked to her room preparing to take a shower, "What is he Taylor Swift now?" She chuckled to herself and shook her head as she gathered her gels, shampoos, and conditioners as well as her robe making her way to her bathroom. She set everything up in the shower then turned on the radio. Beyonce’s 4 album came through the speakers, she stripped out of the clothing she had been wearing all weekend and got into the shower, the warm water drenching her skin, washing away her every thought and problem that she may have been going through at the moment. Reaching for the shampoo the first thing she washed was her hair she lathered her head with the foam and massaged her hair and scalp. Thinking about everytime she was wrong, everytime she fought with Michael, everytime she knew she should have set her pride aside and told Michael she was wrong and loved him. Finally she stepped back and rinsed every thought away in the warm water, she rinsed away every regret, every moment of lacking confidence, every moment she charge in every situation and just do the mature thing. Finally opening her eyes she reached for the conditioner and started the process all over. While the conditioner sat in her hair, she reached for the dove body wash, rubbing the soap suds all over her body, she washed away every moment of doubt, and every moment of insecurity. Finally rinsing her hair and her body, she reached for the robe just as Beyonce screamed through the speakers, "LET’S START OVVVVEEERRRRRR AND LET’S GIVE LOVE THEIR WINGS!" as the song took its climax, Nikole felt so impowered, so happy, so sure. She knew she was in love with Michael and she knew he was the only one for her. In this moment she wanted to start over and take her engagement slowly with Michael.

Nikole was finally dressed and packed her weekend bag for a few days to spend the rest of the week at Michael’s she knew it would come to that. Finally grabbing her bag she slipped her sandles on and grabbed her sunglasses from her dresser and headed out of the condo. Locking the door she walked over to her car and drove to Michael’s. Turning on the radio as she drove the song was announced on the radio the song that Michael obviously wrote about her. “Michael Jackson’s new song a love ballad entitled Fall Again on its way” The DJ said just as the song started. Nikole listened closely to every word in the song. “Wow this is beautiful” she said singing along, as if she already knew the song, she smiled and continued to sing along, just as she hopped off of the freeway and turned down the street to the right towards Michael’s neighborhood. She glanced out the window at the dark night sky and the stars, spotting the moon in the rearview mirror. “It’s only 5 pm this is so annoying!” She said to herself of the dark evening just as she pulled into Michael’s drive way. Parking Nikole got out and grabbed her things with her locking up her doors, she made her way to the house. Softly knocking on the door, Blanket dashed to the door and opened it up. “Oh my gosh!! Nikole! You’re back” he said with much excitement and wrapped his small arms around her petite waist. Nikole smiled as she hugged him back and kissed the top of his head, “I would never leave you baby” she said in a sweet whisper. Paris came from her room, she didn’t know Nikole was there already, she was trying to be sneaky going to into the kitchen for some milk, when she saw Nikole her face lit up and she ran across the kitchen to her hugging her tightly. “You made it! Thanks so much for coming!” She said smiling brightly. “What are you doing miss thang?” Nikole said back to Paris with a smile. “Well I came down for some milk then I saw you, but before you go upstairs to my father I wanted to ask you something, can you take me to see Nick Chavez in the morning, I really wanna cut my hair like Lita Ford or even Joan Jett!!” Paris smiled brightly while posing and throwing up the ‘rock on’ sign. “Yes sweetie pie, I’ll take you tomorrow night sound good?” Nikole said and leaned in kissing Paris’ cheek. Paris hugged her once more and looked at her, “Now run along upstairs my daddy has no idea you’re here or that you were coming” she said with a soft giggle. 

Nikole nodded with a smile and took her things upstairs with her to see Michael. She walked quitely up the stairs and down the hallway to his bedroom. Michael was outside his window looking up at the moon sitting on a branch in his tree thinking about Nikole and how much she meant to him. How much them being apart made his heart ache, how much her beauty fooled him letting her get away with anything. “I just want her to let me be a part of her heart again” Michael spoke softly to the moon, Nikole walked into the room and saw Michael outside the window talking to the moon, looking around she slipped into his old piano shirt from the infamous ‘Beat It’ video and let her hair down still wet from her shower, she glanced over at the window to make sure he was still in the tree, she smiled and climbed into his bed, under the blankets she waited patiently for him to come back inside. After about an hour Michael came back inside he hadn’t noticed anything different in his room yet, as he was climbing back through the window. He was still really down about Nikole. Walking across the room he turned on the light in the bathroom so he could rinse his face with water. Dabbing his face with a towel he opened his eyes and looked in the mirror, he swore he saw Nikole’s reflection in the mirror closing his eyes and opening them again he realized it was his imagination. Leaving the bathroom he walked through his bedroom, his only light was the moon. He finally laid on the bed, his body relaxing into the foam matteress, he suddenly felt a soft thin hand on his chest, assuming it was another illusion he ignored it and stayed laying on the bed on his back exhausted. “I missed you” Nikole whispered to Michael as she leaned closer to him kissing his ear and softly down his neck. Closing his eyes Michael swore he was dreaming as Nikole took over his bed in a fantasy that was real. She kissed down his chest as one by one she unbuttoned his shirt. “You’re perfect for me, you’re worth it for me, you’re my everything” she chanted in a soft whisper as she stripped Michael of his clothing, she made love to him with her mouth and then once more with her body. “If this is a dream I don’t want to know” Michael whispered not once opening his eyes. When Nikole was finished she layed in his arms. “Mikey open your eyes” she whispered to him as she sat up, wrapped in his eqyptian cotton sheets. Michael opened his eyes and smiled at her, “you’re really here this was all real?” he asked while a bright smile pulling her into his arms. The couple rekindled their love again and again then layed together, in a bed of love, trust and romance. The two stayed up all night talking about everything from cookies, to chicken to favorite music. From Pianos to curtains, to children and puppies. There were moments when Michael tickled her and she laughed uncontrollably, and more moments as they fell back inlove with each other all over again. 



Chapter 13; 

The night continued on as Michael and Nikole floated around the city of Paris in the hot air balloon, every moment felt so surreal to Nikole. Was he really hers forever now, were they really to be married? Just as these thoughts ran through her mind, simliar thoughts ran through Michael’s mind as he fought hard for them to elude him. ‘She said yes but did she mean it? are we really meant to be? does this ring ensure she wont leave me ever again. Should I have done this long ago? What if she falls for someone else? what if we fight too much. I’ve been known to screw up love before, but was it because I am meant to be alone or was it because I knew Nikole was the only one for me, the only one who understood me. Am I over analyzing my engagement already? Do I tell the world? Do we keep it a secret’ Michael sighed deeply while he stood in the hot air balloon with Nikole, holding her in his arms. “Babe are you okay?” Nikole asked as she looked up at him then back at the city resting her head on his chest while the balloon began to slowly take them back to reality, back to Earth, back on the ground. “Yes my lovely one I am fine, couldn’t be better.” Michael spoke softly replying to the woman of his dreams. “You are my everything Michael” Nikole said back to him as the hot air balloon dropped them off on the ground, taking her hand Michael helped her get out of the balloon and they walked through the field again to get to the awaiting limo a half a mile away. Walking back to the limo Michael laced his fingers together with Nikole and glanced over at her. “When we played tag in grade school you wanted to be it! But chasin’ boys was just a fad you crossed your heart you’d quit, Now we’re grown up Nikki, and I’m giving you a ring, do you promise me you’re mind forever? Just me and you? Do you promise to stay with me and never leave again?” Michael asked in a serious tone watching her facial expressions very carefully. “Yes Mikey I promise, my love for you is something undeniable” Nikole whispered back as she watched Michael staring into his eyes. “But your heart is unreliable….” Michael said back to Nikole of her promise of loving him. “Michael can we not be negative about the situation, you asked me to marry you and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you baby for real this time…” She said softly rubbing his back as she squeezed his hand for reassurance. “I believe you” Michael said softly while they continued to walk to the limo, finally getting to the limo Nikole stopped before getting into the car as Michael held the door open for her. “But do you trust me?” She asked rhetorically while she got into the car and waited for him to get in. Not saying another word together each other, Michael placed his hand on her thigh as they drove back to the hotel. Nikole played with her engagement ring staring out at the wonderful night lights that light up and the city, that made the city feel love which is why is why it was called the city of love. Nikole sighed as she watched the city and the life of the city, Watching the heart beat of the city while the residents and tourists either woke or were going in for the evening. Sighing softly Nikole held back tears thinking about the future, her future with Michael, were they finally going to be together or were his doubts about her heart’s choice to be with him going to end something before it even began. 

As the months passed after Michael announced to his family his engagement to family friend and his long time best friend Nikki, however since the engagement it seemed as though she was giving Michael some space since they had returned from Paris. Space for what? yes he was skeptical about her love, about if this was what she wanted but “giving him space” was not what he wanted to find out if this is what she wanted. Michael was laying in his bed looking up at the ceiling one winter evening, the lights all off while he listened to the beat of his own heart. Michael rolled over holding a pillow holding back tears as he slightly exhaled,  Michael began to chant these words - ‘I just wanna lay next to you for a while. You look so beautiful tonight, your eyes are so lovely, your mouth is so sweet, Alot of people misunderstand me that’s because they don’t know me at all. I just want to touch you and hold you, God I need you, i love you so much Nikki’ Michael finalized just as there was a soft knock at the door. Clearing his throat from any thing that could be thought of as sadness or crying in his voice he cleared it all away just as he replied with “Come on in” He said as the door opened, it was his daughter Paris, 14 years old with a heart of gold and beauty to match she snuck in the room quietly so her brothers wouldn’t hear the door squeak. “Hey dad, are you awake?” She asked softly as she walked across the dark room to the large kind size bed. “Yes honey I’m awake is everything okay?” Michael retorted as he sat up in the bed and reached for the lamp. “Oh no dad please dont turn on the light it will hurt my eyes,” Paris gave a soft chuckle and sat on the side of her father’s bed. “Yeah everything is fine I just miss you alot so I wanted to come lay with you is that okay?” She smiled at him and climbed under the covers with her father. “Sounds divine to me my sweet angel” Michael said sweetly leaning over and kissing Paris’ cheek as he wrapped his arms around his growing teenager. “Dad why isn’t Nik here, are you guys together? how did the proposal go? did she say yes?” Paris questioned holding her father’s hand as his arms were wrapped around her. Michael didn’t answer the question as he quietly sobbed on his daughter’s shoulder. 

Early the same morning Michael couldn’t sleep, checking on Paris to make sure she was still asleep Michael pulled away from her slightly and put on his slippers. Wearing red silk pajamas he grabbed the pencil and note pad on the night stand Michael glanced at Paris one more time before he opened up his window, climbing outside into the Los Angelos cool air at 3:48 am he sat in the tree and looked up at the stars the only thing on his mind was Nikole, inhaling deeply he began to write. By the time the sun came up Michael had another song ready for the studio, climbing back inside the window he glanced at the clock, 7:00 am right on the dot, left a smile on Michael’s face, 7 was his lucky number. Michael made sure Paris was still sleeping, making his way to the closet where he grabbed an outfit for the day. Pulling out some black slacks and a red button down flannel, and white socks. Michael’s usual studio attire, he walked into his bathroom, taking a warm and yet comforting much needed muscle relaxing shower. Washing his hair and body thoroughly, Michael retreated from the shower getting dressed in the bathroom while his daughter slept. He came out and slipped into his black loafers, grabbed the song he wrote a few hours previous and headed down stairs, He was too distrought for breakfast and walked passed the kitchen and out the door to the black awaiting yukon, “Can you take me to my studio please?” Michael asked his driver as he opened his own door and got inside relaxing against the caramel leather seats. Finally moments passed as Michael arrived at the studio, he snuck in the back so no one knew he was going in to work on another record and sat in the studio, he called his closest and most dear friend Quincy a great producer as well as Teddy Riley and asked them to come help him. Once they arrived a few hours later Michael was busy playing with the sound boards trying to create the perfect sound for his new project. “I need some help…” Michael said to them not even turning around to acknowledge the two gentlemen as they walked in asking Michael if everything was okay. “Here’s the lyrics, help me with a great sound?” Michael continued pushing the lyrics from in front of him over to the left where the men stood. “Mike we got this..” Teddy assured Michael as he read over the lyrics and passed them over to Quincy whom nodded his head and they both looked at Michael. “Smelly why don’t you step into the booth while we adjust the mic levels and begin some good sample of some beats for you, we need to know the melody to create the perfect tempo for you,” Quincy assured Michael as he placed his hand on Michael’s shoulder. Michael looked down at his hands then glanced over his shoulder at Quincy and looked up at him and nodded, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart thank you!” Michael said as he stood and made his way into the booth, putting the large head phones over his head, he stepped forward towards the mic, licking his lips softly he closed his eyes and allowed the lyrics to escape his lips; “Feels like a fire That burns in my heart Every single moment that we spend apart I need you around For every day to start I haven’t left you alone Something about you Is there in your eyes Everything I’m looking for I seem to find All this time away Is killing me inside I need your love in my life I wanna spend, time to live in I wanna fall with you again Like we did, when we first met I wanna fall with you again.” 




Time Waits For No One Chapter 12;

Chapter 12; 

"I like the way you do it right thurre right thurre" Michael sang as he danced his way down the stairs fully dressed to begin his day. He knew Nikole would want to take a shower and go home for new clothes before he planned anything so, he decided to start off the day he would make french toast for everyone in the house. "Switch your hips when you’re walkin’, let down you’re hurr (let down your hurr)I like the way you do that right thurr (right thurr)Lick your lips when you’re talkin’, that make me stare" Michael sang as he started on the french toast, eggs, and turkey bacon. Michael didn’t always like to cook but for some reason today he wanted to. He made enough for his mother, his children, his lover and himself, As well as any staff members that may have wanted any. Suddenly there was a knock at the door as Michael continued to bob his head and dance around the kitchen. Before turning on the stove as he mixed the eggs with the milk and cinnamon for the french toast he waltzed to the door to get it still singing the famous song ‘Right Thurr’ by Chingy. "Oh Michael! Are you okay?" Latoya and Janet asked in unison as Janet reached up to feel his forehead while still standing in the door way. "I am fine!" Michael snapped back with a smile as he kissed both his loving sisters on the cheek. "Come on in! I just started breakfast" Michael smiled leading his sisters through the house and back into the kitchen. "Why are you cooking Michael?" Janet asked with a smile. "I just want to." Michael said back to his younger sister as he continued to mix the milk, cinnamon, and egg. Finally he put the bowl down and started to dip the bread into the milk mix and put it on the flat pan on the stove. Just as he continued to bob his head to the beat of the song he had stuck in his head his youngest son Blanket came running into the kitchen, "Good Morning Daddy!!!" Blanket ran in with excitement in his ironman pajamas as his long hair flowed behind him as he ran. "Oh good morning son" Michael commented as he whistled along. "Hi aunties!!" Blanket said hugging them both then running towards the living room where he dove onto the couch face first to watch cartoons. Nikole was just waking up as she rubbed her eyes, the scent of the breakfast food waking her. She sat up in Michael’s bed still wrapped in his white eqyptain cotton sheets, bringing her knees to her chest she looked around the room and noticed Michael wasn’t beside her. Slightly frowning she thought maybe he was downstairs while the food was being prepared, not knowing that it was Michael preparing the food. Nikole looked around the room grabbing her clothing she slipped into the bathroom in Michael’s large bedroom to get dressed. Meanwhile Michael was still in the kitchen with his sisters cooking away while his youngest son was in the living room watching cartoons. Once Nikole was decent she made her way down the hall way past Prince and Paris’ rooms and down the stairs. She slowly walked into the kitchen, her eyes slightly closed. Just as she walked into the kitchen Michael noticed her wrapping his arms around her he kissed her cheek "Good Morning Beauty" Michael said softly to her. "Morning Michael" She said in a soft and groggy tone. Allowing her body to lean against his as she was obviously still tired she relaxed her head against his chest. Michael gave a slight smile and whispered into her ear. Nodding her head Nikole left the kitchen walking back upstairs. Michael smiled as he looked back at his sisters that glanced at each other then back at their brother. "OH! SO THAT’S WHY YOU’RE UP COOKING!!" His sisters Latoya and Janet teased as they laughed, Michael laughed too then shook his head, "this is not true at all…I just…I felt like cooking okay? is that a crime?" He sighed and shook his head as he went back to scrambling the eggs on the stove. Just as Nikole was walking past Paris’ room, Paris was waking up, still on video chat with her friends she sat up in her bed and did the rock and roll sign with her fingers sticking her tongue out to the side of her mouth as she reached for her  comb. "Good Morning guys" Paris said with a smile as she combed her hair out while on video chat with her friends. Her friends all smiled and greeted her as they woke up as well smiling and waving at Paris. Paris carried on the conversation when Nikole knocked on her door softly, getting up Paris ran to the door inviting Nikole in to her room and showing her off on her webcam chat. "This is Nikki guys the wonderful woman I have been telling you all about! Isn’t she gorgeous?" Paris commented as she smiled and glanced over at Nikole whom blushed the whole time. "I should get going Paris, thank’s so much for inviting me in here with you" Nikole said softly as she leaned in and kissed Paris’ cheek waved goodbye to her friends and said it was nice to meet them then left the room. Making her way back to Michael’s room she sat on the bed and looked around the room. She glanced over and saw a video camera on Michael’s side of the bed. "Oh my gosh! He recorded us during a private intimate moment?! WHY!" Nikole questioned as she leaned over to the other side of the bed and reached for Michael’s camera. Pressing the power button she leaned back against the pillows watching as Michael spoke to the camera telling the camera and anyone watching why he loved Nikole so much and how much she meant to him. Her mouth dropped open as the door slowly opened and Michael waltzed into the room with a tray of food for himself and the love of his life. "Nikole? What are you doing?" He asked as he watched her with curious eyes. "Oh! Nothing!" Nikole panicked and hurried to hide the camera smiling up at him. "You are so amazing! Thank you for breakfast Michael!" She smiled as she sat up and smiled up at him, still wearing his off white button up shirt. "Anything for you dear" Michael smiled as he sat beside her, gazing at the beautiful woman in his bed he leaned over and grabbed a fork full of french toast and syrup feeding it to her. "Mmm! This is so good Michael!" Nikole complimented as her eyes got wide, "Wait you made this right?" She asked as she leaned in closer to him. Michael nodded his head as he took a gander at the plate then back at his beauty. Nikole smiled brightly as she took the same fork feeding Michael his first bite of french toast, seeing a small drip of syrup on his lip she leaned in closer to him softly licking the syrup off of his lip. Michael gave a slight smirk as he felt her tongue running along his bottom lip, "Why do you love me Michael?" She asked as she layed her head on his chest her arms wrapped around his waist. "Why does summer start in June?" He asked back softly whispering as he ran his fingers through her long hair. "Because God said so…" She replied back to him running her index finger down his stomach instantly making him giggle he nodded his head, "Then that’s why I love you" He said softly kissing the top of her head. "Hey Nikole I was thinking… Let’s take a trip! Let’s go to Paris for a few days? Let’s get out of here?" Michael suggested as he fantasized staring at the wall. "Paris?!" Nikole said sitting up as she looked into his dark brown eyes, "What’s in Paris? and what about the children? Are they going to come too? I can’t wait to tell them!" Nikole said with much excitement as she jumped off of his bed. Reaching for her arm Michael took a hold of her hand pulling her right back to the bed, falling on top of him their eyes met. "They aren’t coming, this is somethin special just for the two of us, Please?" Michael asked with admiration in his eyes. Nodding her head Nikole looked down at his peach colored lips then gazed back into his eyes, "If that’s what you want my love" Nikole whispered to him. Michael told his mother and his children he and Nikole would be away for a few days for a vacation in Paris, France and that they would be back soon, Michael suggested that if they need anything at all they can always call his iphone and he would answer no matter what, hugging his children and his mother he took Nikole’s hand and walked out to the awaiting black yukon, carrying their bags Nikole put their things in the back of the SUV and got into the car after Michael. Moving as close to him as possible while they rode to the LAX international airport. Once at the airport they checked their bags and themself in and got on the private plane Michael had prepared for them her mouth fell open as she hugged him and kissed his cheek, "This is going to be so fun Michael!!!" Nikole said with a bright smile on her face, grabbing her hand Michael pulled her to the plane and they got aboard the plane. 

Finally in France Michael woke up his sleeping beauty to let her know they had finally landed in the city of love, sitting up Nikole looked out the window and smiled. “Oh my gosh it’s so beautiful here” She applauded and glanced at Michael, Michael smiled at her and took her hand and their bags and walked off the plane to the awaiting vehicle that was to take them to their hotel. Nikole was so in love with the scenary, as she walked to the balcony that was off the side of their presidential suite. “Baby come here? LOOK AT THIS!!!” Nikole shrieked, as she shrieked Michael ran to her aid thinking she was in trouble “Yes sweetheart?!” Michael asked as he ran to her aid, seeing she was only looking at the city lights and the Eiffel Tower he smiled and leaned against the french double door way placing his hands in his pockets. “Beautiful isn’t it?” Michael whispered as he gazed at her occasionally looking around at the lights then back to Nikole. “It’s gorgeous Michael! Thank you so much for bringing me here!” She said as she moved towards him wrapped her arms around him in a hug. As the evening carried on, Michael ordered some fruits and sat on the bed with Nikole while the doors to the balcony stay open so she can see the city lights. Michael fed Nikole some of the strawberries and fruit cocktail that came to the room ordered by room service. Nikole reached for the bottom ends of her shirt pulling her shirt over her head she shook her long wavy light brown hair loose as she pulled Michael closer to him, capturing his lips in a deep and passionate kiss she unbuttoned his shirt, “Wait Nikki! Let’s close the door first!” Michael whispered against her lips as she continued to kiss him with passion. “No Michael! Let them see us! whom ever it is let them see! Make love to me out there on the balcony? Please Michael Please?” She begged Michael as she lept into his lap kissing down his neck, closing his eyes Michael knew he couldn’t hold back anymore and gently ran his hands down Nikole’s soft and beautiful unimaginable figure, “Just this once” Michael said compromising with Nikole as he picked her up in his arms and carried her outside to the balcony, leaning up against the wall Nikole softly bit her bottom lip as she watched Michael take off the remainder of his clothing. Making his way to Nikole, Michael removed her creme colored lace panties and threw them to the floor making love to the love of his life on the balcony of their french presidential suite in the wee hours of the morning in the city of love. Finally as they couple woke Michael held Nikole in his arms kissing her as she slowly opened her eyes. “Good Morning Prince charming! That was nothing short of incredible last night” Nikole smiled and winked at Michael as she kissed him back playing with his dark hair as she rested her body in his arms. “I had fun” Michael whispered his eyes still closed as he hoped these moments of Nikole being back in his life would never end. “Let’s spend the whole weekend in bed..” Nikole advocated as she left soft kisses along Michael’s chest. “Mhm that sounds like the perfect weekend except I have something planned for this evening, then after that yes sweetheart we can stay in bed for the remainder of our time here.” Michael gave a sweet smile as he leaned over and pouted his lips for a kiss from Nikole his eyes still closed. “Okay!” She compromised as she kissed him, “You’re too cute! How can I ever say no?” Nikole replied after planting a kiss on his sweet lips. The couple stayed in bed cuddled, they ordered lunch from room service and continued to cuddle. Suddenly Michael’s iphone rang over and over again, reaching for his phone he noticed it was his daughter Paris. Paris was out by the pool with her cousins and her bestfriend Michaela as she called her father waiting for his answer. “Hello?” Michael answered, glancing at the clock he snapped his fingers at Nikole to get her attention, “Babe go take a shower and get dressed?” Michael said to her then gave his full attention back to the phone call. “Hey Da! So did you do it yet?” Paris asked as she smiled through the phone hoping her father would say yes then looked over at her friend Michaela whom was clearly playing temple run on her iphone. “Not yet princess I will soon! I will let you know how it goes! How is grandma?” Michael asked as he heard all of the noise in the background. “Oh she’s good! Taj is here and so were all just hanging out by the pool ya know! Did you get my picture that I sent ya of me and Michaela! Don’t we look gorg?!” Paris said as she started to giggle in the background. “Yes sweetheart you look darling,” Michael said back to his daughter as he flipped through his text messages looking at the picture his daughter sent of her and her best friend. “Okay daddy can you call me later I have something I really want to ask you okay?” Paris smiled then said her good byes to her father. “Okay bye Da have fun! We miss you! Blanetto says he misses you more than the sun misses the moon, we can’t wait to have you back! Okay bye da!” Paris said ending the call, Michael went off to get dressed once Nikole was out of the shower. While Nikole dressed Michael made his way to the shower and got dressed himself. Once the two were ready Michael looked at her then grabbed the blindfold. “Sorry I have to put this on you…” Michael smiled deviously and pulled Nikole closer to him, “What! Michael nooo please? You know I don’t like that stuff!” Nikole said pleading with Michael. “No ah ah ah listen, you trust me don’t you? Okay! So just relax and close your eyes while I put this on you okay?” Michael said softly as he put the blindfold on her, “Fine but hold my hand at all times please?” She asked as she reached into the darkness for Michael’s hand. “Always!” Michael said back to her whispering in her ear and he took her hand lacing their fingers together he walked with her out of the hotel and to the awaiting limo, the limo drove them to the destination. Michael kept Nikole blindfolded until they got to where Michael had something planned, finally they had arrived but Michael was keeping Nikole blindfolded until the time was right. “Come on we made it!” Michael said excitedly as he reached for Nikole’s hand and pulled her out of the limo guiding her to where he had something planned, walking through a field Nikole screamed out, “Michael Oh my gosh where are we going okay? What is going on?!” Nikole cried out as she demanded Michael tell her where they were headed. “Shhh Sweetheart just trust me okay?” Michael said back to Nikole as he opened the gate before him guiding her still, Finally as Michael and Nikole walked through the gate, Michael locked the hatch and nodded his head, moments later Michael took the blindfold off of Nikole as they floated into the air on a hot air balloon. “Michael….!” Nikole started breathlessly as she looked around at the whole city, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Her mouth still open as she covered her mouth with her hand still in astonishment. Finally Michael called out her name, just as she turned around giving Michael her attention, her mouth fell open as Michael was down on one knee holding small black box with a diamond ring set in a white gold setting ring band. “Nikole would you do the honors of making me the happiest man alive and finally be mine forever?” Michael asked as he looked up at her. Nikole looked around the city then looked down at Michael, her eyes filled with tears as she nodded her head, “Yes Michael! Oh my gosh yes baby yes yes yes I’m all yours!!!” She said with excitement as she got on her knees crawling to him as she wrapped her arms around his neck wailing and whimpering uncontrollably in his arms. 

Time Waits For No One Chapter 11;

Time Waits For No One Chapter 11; 

As the weeks went by Nikole and Michael would spend countless hours together now that Michael was back in Los Angeles and not afraid to be in her presence. He knew Nikole had no intention of hurting him again. They were dating but still close friends and nothing was going to change that for either one of them. While sitting at work Nikole heard her cellphone going off, she ignored it because she knew it was a text message. Finally walking over to the vibrating iphone, she picked it up and saw a text message, she read it, it was from Michael. “Hello Beautiful, I know you are reading this right now and I just want you to know I miss you, have a great day can’t wait to hear all about it later” the text message read. A smile spread across her face as she re-read the message over and over again. Leaving her office for the presentation she was scheduled to give to the big bosses of the company she worked for, she walked in and gave her two hour long presentation. Finally the meeting was over and she was ready to retire to her office, as she walked with her papers and presentation boards in her arms she walked around the corner to her office, finally opening the door with the expectation of relaxing her body into her large comfy chair. As she turned the knob to the door she pushed the door open, her face lit up when she saw the hundreds of balloons all over her office. She couldn’t stop smiling because she knew exactly where they came from. She pushed through the office trying to get to her desk to call Michael and thank him for the great surprise. Michael’s cellphone was at home on the night stand in the room at his mother’s house. He had decided to take his daughter Paris out for the day, and Paris just wanted to go horse back riding with her father. The two went to a ranch and went horse back riding. “Da…” Paris began as her horse stopped beside Michael’s as they both looked out at nature. “Are you in love with her?” She asked curiously as she nudged her horse a bit with the heels of her feet then softly ran her hand down the horse’s neck to keep her calm. Michael glanced over at his 14 year old teenager and couldn’t help but smile. He wanted to be completely honest with her. “Yes Paris, Head over heels in love in fact” He said softly looking down then glancing over at his daughter. “Really? Dad, I think you deserve happiness, and as you know, love is all you need. Daddy ask her the big question, you know you want to” She said with a sweet smile teasing her father about his love life. “Of course but I don’t think I’m ready for the big M word yet” Michael sighed thinking about his past marriages and how they ended so badly. The marriages all started out great when they were dating but as soon as marriage came into play it was as if everything had changed, like nothing was the same, as if the two didn’t even know each other anymore. Like the dating was all fake people in an imaginary utopia of ever after. Paris smiled once more at her father and looked down then confessed, “Daddy I really think she feels the same way” She spoke softly reaching over softly running her hand down her father’s arm. “I see the way she stares at you, the way she smiles when she sees you, the way she embraces you, daddy I think you could finally be happy with her” Paris said givng her best advice. “For being only fourteen you sure are pretty doggone wise, who’s child are you really and what have you done with MY daughter Paris” Michael joked as he leaned over and kissed his daughter’s forehead and smiled. “I don’t know about popping the question just yet but I do know that I am ready to take things a bit more seriously with her. Thank you Paris” Michael said thanking his daughter sincerely. “I’ll race ya back,” Paris said grabbing the reigns of the horse and taking off. “Loser has to by the winner a slurpee!” She called back as she took off on her horse faster and faster. “Come on Oreo faster! Let’s show daddy who’s boss” She giggled as the horse went faster and faster. Michael trailing behind her but not going too fast because the speed was frightening as he raced Paris back to the stables. “I WIN!!!!!!!” Paris screamed as the horse came to a hault at the stables. Breathing heavily Michael agreed to take his daughter for a slurpee on their way back to their home in Calabasas. Michael waited in the black yukon for Paris to get her slurpee with her body guards, Michael reached for his phone and made a phone call, he gave the male on the other line Nikole’s address and told him when she would be home, he needed what he was doing to be done before then. The man agreed and said it would be done. Michael told the man where the spare key was hidden and what the security code was to her ADT security system so the police wouldn’t be called for what he was doing. Just as Paris was returning to the vehicle Michael pressed end on his black iphone. “Did you get everything you wanted Princess?” Michael asked sweetly then wrapped his arm around Paris once she got in the car as he relaxed against the chair of the SUV. “Everything!” Paris smiled brightly as she leaned back in her hero’s arms and sipped her slurpee on the way home. Once they arrived home, Paris ran to her room to video chat with her friends and play her new guitar. While Paris was occupied in her comfy bedroom Michael sat in the kitchen thinking about Nikole. Many times the two would spend weekends at a fancy hotel and lock themselves in the room playing board games, watching movies. But they never went alone, Michael’s three loving children always went along with their father, they all enjoyed being around Nikole. She was very sweet and respectful to Michael’s children, and she made their father genuienly happy. There wasn’t a minute that went by that Michael wasn’t smiling since Nikole entered back into his life full time. He continued to think of the perfect place to take Nikole out while he sat in the kitchen of his mother’s new Calabasas home and pondered. “Hi Daddy!” Said Michael’s youngest Blanket as he danced his way into the kitchen holding one of his most favorite Star Wars action figures. “Daddy can you help me get some milk?” He asked reaching up high for a cup. With a wide smile Michael nodded and got up from the table making his way over to the cabinet. “Daddy you are thinking?” Blanket asked curiously as he tilted his head studying his father. “Thinking? Ha a little bit yes son” Michael said in reply pouring the milk into his son’s cup. “Thinking about what daddy?” Blanket pursued as he followed his idol. “Thinking about something nice to do for Nikki” He sighed with a smiled passing the half full glass of white liquid to his son.”How about flowers and balloons daddy! Or you can give her your favorite toy” Blanket smiled accepting the glass and taking sips of the cold milk leaving a white mustache above his lips. “My favorite toy huh son?” Michael smiled as he rubbed the top of Blanket’s hair ruffling his hair a bit as he walked back to the dining room table still thinking. Thinking about Nikole’s reaction to the balloons in her office at her work, he continued to think harder. Finally Michael retired to his room, laying on his bed he thought about what his son had mentioned, “your favorite toy daddy” Michael recanted in his head as Blanket’s voice played over and over in his mind. He thought again, “How about a ballet? She loves ballet, for as long as I can remember she has always loved ballet” He smiled getting excited as he looked at his options for “disguises”. Michael continued to debate on if he even wanted to wear a disguise then rememebered that this evening is about Nikole and that he didn’t really want all of the attention on him, and he knew how she was about her privacy. He agreed 100 percent with her. “Okay okay how about I wear… Marlond Brando style and like a hat and… oh shucks that’s too much for the ballet…” Michael spoke to himself looking through the closet, suddenly there was a knock at his half opened door as Paris and Prince peeked into the room. “Dad are you talking to yourself?” Prince chuckled as the kids walked across the room their father’s closet. “Yes, I am sorry” Michael laughed softly. “Was I too loud? I’m looking for something to wear to take Nikki to the ballet this evening. But ya know I don’t want people to know it’s me…” Michael let out a defeated sigh as his arms dropped to his side as he looked at the faces of his two beautiful teenagers. “Come on Da cheer up, we’re here to help you” Paris giggled as she wrapped her arms around her father giving him a loving and assuring hug. “So something to a ballet right dad?” Prince asked looking around at the large walk-in closet. “Nice pants Prince,” Paris chimed in as she pointed in the direction of the black slacks. “And a disguise right?” Prince asked once more as he opened the drawers in the closet. “How about being Iron man daddy?” Blanket said running into the room and hopping across the bed sliding off and along the carpet into the closet as well. “mmm haha he can’t go to a ballet dressed like Iron Man Blanket” Paris giggled and leaned down hugging her younger brother kissing him on the cheek. “Thank you Paris!” Blanket giggled hugging her back then wiping his cheek as the two laughed. “Dating is a lot harder than I read…” Michael sighed glancing at Prince whom continued to look at his father’s clothing and disguises. “WE GOT IT!!!” Prince and Paris said at the same time as they both snapped their fingers pulling out a red button up shirt, black slacks, and helping Michael disguise his face after he took a shower and got ready to see Nikole. “Perfect!!!” Paris said hugging her father as he sat on the edge of the bed. “His eyes Paris…” Blanket said giving Paris a tired sarcastic look as his head hung lazily to the right. “You’re right Blanket thank you!” Paris smiled and whispered in her father’s ears. “Do not look directly at anyone daddy or they will know!” She said to him as she nodded her head and kissed his cheek. “Daddy you look perfect” She said encouraging him, suddenly there was a ring at the door bell. “She’s here!” Michael said with a smile as suddenly his heart began to beat fast. “I’ll go talk to her, come on Blanket” Prince said and waited for his brother in the hallway as Paris stayed behind to give her father a pep talk whom was clearly really nervous about his first public date with the woman he was falling more and more for by the day. “Daddy just rememeber that no one knows it’s you, don’t do anything to make her laugh that makes it obvious and I’ll keep everyone around the world off your case on twitter okay! I love you Da, I am so happy for you!” She smiled and hugged her father once more letting him know how much she loved and appreciated him. A wide smile spread across Michael’s face as he embraced his little girl in his arms rubbing her back. “Thank you” He whispered to her still hugging her. “You should never leave a woman waiting daddy so you better get going” She smiled and kissed his cheek and walked him down the stairs to his date. Nikole was sent a text message earlier in the day telling her that she needed to meet Michael at the house and make sure she dressed up. She showed up and was talking with Michael’s two boys. Holding Blanket on her lap and talking to Prince about how his summer was and how much he enjoyed his recent trips all around the world. Suddenly Michael and Paris walked around the corner to the room where Prince, Blanket and Nikole were having their conversation. “Oh my! Michael you look… wow!” Nikole gasped as she put Blanket down beside her standing at his attention. Michael smiled slightly as he allowed his eyes to wander along her body and beautiful hair, his eyes making their way from her amazing almond color legs up to her gorgeous face and chestnut colored hair. Her green eyes meeting his chocolate brown eyes, Michael’s smile grew bigger. “Mikey why are you… dressed up?” She asked as she looked him up and down. “I want to take you out Nikki,” Michael began as Blanket interrupted, “To a ballet!!” He said with excitement, Suddenly Nikole’s face began to flush and she looked at him, as she blushed. “A ballet? Mikey you did all of this.. for me?” She asked softly as she hugged him. “You didn’t have to” She said softly her arms still wrapped around him. “No no Nikole please don’t kid yourself, I wanted to, You deserve it” Michael smiled and kissed her cheek. “Okay kids were leaving now, obey your grandmother, Prince no girls, Paris no parties” Michael joked with his teenagers as the couple retreated from the Calabasas home. Getting into the black Yukon that drove them to the ballet, Michael held Nikole’s hand as they rode. “I love you Nikole, I knew you would come back to me” He smiled softly kissing the top of her head as she rested against his chest. “You don’t know many times I said to myself come back to me” she admitted whispering against his chest. Michael smiled and held her in his arms until they got to the ballet. Finally as the black truck pulled up there they were. Michael got out first looking around forgetting he was in disguise, he held the door open for the love of his life and took her hand helping her out of the car. “You look incredible” Michael whispered in her ear as they walked to the window where Michael flashed the tickets and was given an approving nod by the ticket master. Michael held the door open as they walked into the ballet theatre and walked to the deligated theatre house, Michael led the way to their seats still holding Nikole’s hand their fingers laced together. Finding their seats they sat together and enjoyed 2 hours of the ballet show. “That was beautiful…” Nikole said to Michael thanking him as she dabbed the tears from her eyes so she wouldn’t smear her make up. Michael kissed her damp cheek as he took her hand and led her back out of the theatre and outside. He looked at the black yukon and nodded allowing the driver to leave. “Michael! where is he going?” Nikole pouted as she folded her arms. Michael giggled and kissed her pouty lips with a soft peck. “Stop my lovely one, I just want to be in your presence” Michael said softly wrapping his arm around her as they began to walk. Michael walked with her through the park when he suddenly saw a man with a horse and carriage and stopped him. “Sir… Can you give us a ride please?” Michael called out to him, as the gentleman stopped and waited for them to get into the carriage. Michael helped Nikole in then got in himself and inspired the gentleman to take them home. “Michael this night couldn’t have been more perfect” Nikole said thinking the night was over, she kissed Michael’s softly lips wrapping her arms around him resting against his chest. “Far from perfect my love” Michael whispered running his fingers through her soft light brown hair. Once they finally arrived back to the home all of the lights in the house where turned off. Michael looked at his watch then glanced at Nikole, “Well it is kind of late, so I guess this is about right” he said with a soft chuckle. Michael hopped out of the carriage and reached for Nikole’s hand helping her out. He then tipped the man whom had brought them home and thanked him. Running his hand along the side of the horse he thanked the horse as well kissed the side of his face and giving a soft giggle. Taking Nikole’s hand Michael led her into the house as they quietly made their way to Michael’s room. Nikole took off her sandals and kissed Michael’s cheek as she sat on the bed. Michael began to undress from his disguise. He walked into the closet and came back out a while later looking like himself again with a white v-neck t-shirt and mickey mouse pajama pants. “Did you have a great evening?” Michael asked as he sat beside her. “Do you want to wear one of my shirts?” Michael asked another question before she could answer the first as his eyes wandered along her incredibly tone and tan legs. “Could I?” Nikole replied to his question about her wearing his shirt. Michael nodded and went to his drawers pulling out a shirt big enough for her, handing her the shirt he looked down at his hands as he waited for her to get dressed. Nikole resepcted how uneasy Michael was around naked women and walked into his closet changing her clothes. She came out with her dress draped over her arm as she put it with her purse and other belongings. Michael stared at her with desire. Nikole sat beside him on the bed as she looked at him playing with his hair. Michael gently pulled away from her and leaned in kissing her softly. “Nikki I love you, I have always loved you, I will always love you” Michael whispered softly pulling her into a hug. “Michael I love you so much…” She began as Michael interrupted her, “Please promise me you will never walk away again?” He asked as his hand ran up and down her thigh softly. Nikole looked down at his hand and softly bit her lip. “I promise” She whispered back as she layed down. “Do you love me?” Michael asked looking into her eyes. “Yes…” Nikole replied looking back at him her eyes locked on his, with no hesitation in her voice. “Then love me…” Michael whispered as he kissed her. The evening ended as Michael made love to Nikole for countless hours. Once she finally fell asleep her body delicately wrapped in the white egyptian cotton sheets, like a greek goddess, Michael sat up in the bed and stared at her with loving eyes. Reaching for his video camera he turned it on and turned the camera toward himself, “If someone should ever find this video I want you to know that I am in love, happily in love with a woman whom loves me back and it’s an incredible feeling” He whispered as he poured his feelings out to the camera. Finally he turned the camera towards Nikole and continued to whisper. “I knew from the first time you said Hello that you were special…” Michael began… “This woman has taken my heart and stitched it to her beautiful, and loving soul, I love this woman more than life itself and I would never do anything to hurt her. She is the brightest star in my darkest night. The best part is that she loves me too.” Michael finished as he leaned in and kissed her forehead her. “I love you big head” He whispered as he turned off the camera and layed in bed with her wrapped in his arms. 

Time Waits For No One Chapter 10 (part II)

Chapter 10 part II;

While Michael sat at his sister Janet’s house waiting for her to come back and take him to his children and see his mother and other family members, he laid on the couch relaxing to the sweet scent of lavendar all around her comfortable condo. “It feels so good to be back” Michael said to himself as he looked around, while he waited his eyes slowly closed as he fell asleep dreaming about the day he realized Blanket was Nikole’s baby. Janet was still at her photoshoot finishing up when Nikole came waltzing in with lunch, she didn’t think Janet would want to be out in Los Angeles where she would most likely be mauled by the cameras or asked to sign numberous autographs. Janet’s face light up as the last shots were being taken, those were the photos that were used, pure Janet, happy, smiling, excited! Nikole motioned that she would be in Janet’s dressing room, Janet nodded her head give her approval as she walked off the set making her way to the dressing room as well. Opening the door she smiled seeing Nikole. “Hey beautiful!” Nikole said looking up at Janet, then got up from the couch she was sitting on and greeted her with a hug. “Hey!! wow this looks great!! did you make this?” Janet asked looking at the buffet of food all around the room. “Well not alone, Sharon came into town for a little bit, she helped me too. I wasn’t alone in this endeavor” Nikole giggled then looked down at all of the food her sister and herself had prepared for Janet for lunch. “I need to talk to you about something Nik..” Janet said sitting in the mirror, taking her hair down from the style she had during the shoot and putting her hair into a tight ponytail. She walked over to her wardrobe to see if there was something else she could wear. Janet slipped into some khaki slacks and a tank top, she pulled out a button up shirt that she would wear after she finished enjoying her lunch with Nikole. “Nik I really think you should come around Blanket more, I mean he’s 10 now and I’m sure you can finally build that relationship that I know you have been longing for with him, Please consider coming to dinner this evening? At my mother’s home, She would love to see you again, we all would. You know how much we enjoyed having you in our lives, and just because Michael isn’t… around at the moment doesn’t mean we don’t miss you” She smiled at Nikole walking back towards the couch Nikole was resting her body on. “I don’t know JanJan I mean he’s going to wonder where I have been, why I haven’t seen him before, the family will look at me weird, I don’t know I’m so… scared I guess…” Nikole replied back to her reaching for a biscuit, she took a bite and glanced over at Janet with weary eyes. “Oh no honey you know my family, we aren’t like that, we know your Blanket’s mother and we know why you did it. We don’t understand why you didn’t come back around and show my brother the happiness you knew you could give me him and maintain. But that is all in the past now sweetheart, Please just come by for dinner? I’ll show you it’s not like that. It never was…” Janet whispered pulling Nikole into a hug. “We love you just like family” Janet whispered as she kissed Nikole’s cheek. Nikole gave a slight smile and nodded, “Okay okay I’ll be there” she chuckled softly. “So intent on my attendance!” Nikole joked with Janet then looked up at her, “You have always been such a great friend to me Janet I love you so much for that” Nikole kissed her cheek. 

(December 24, 2006) - Michael was walking around on his private jet as him and his children rode back to America, where they planned to live, Michael didn’t want to be back in the United States but he knew what was best for his children and wanted them to be comfortable and around family. The 3 children were sleeping peacefully on the long plane ride back from Bahrain. Michael stared at his son Prince-Michael then glanced over at his darling daughter Paris. Smiling brightly he then turned his attention to his youngest son Blanket, looking at the sleeping 5 year old, his eyes began to squint, although Blanket did look an awfully lot like himself there was something very familiar about this child. He couldn’t put his finger on it just yet but there was something about Blanket that reminded him about someone. Once they reached America and the children woke up Michael looked into the eyes of his youngest and he knew. “Nikki?” He whispered as he reached out for his 5 year old baby to come to him. Blanket ran into Michael’s arms screaming with excitement, “DADDYY!!!” Blanket cheered as he raced to Michael. Picking him up in his arms he held Blanket in his arms rocking him back and forth. “I love you so much Blanket, So much” Michael whispered to his son his arms still wrapped around him. Once the family was in their new home in Las Vegas Michael asked his children to go spend some time around the house seeing their new rooms and toys. Michael walked into his den, he sat at the desk where his book of phone numbers was, pulling out the book he opened it looking for Nikole’s number, he noticed there were many numbers missing. Michael looked very confused as he flipped through the pages and was unable to find the number he was looking for, he noticed many numbers were missing but that wasn’t his main concern at the moment. “Who would have…?” He questioned then shook his head, He picked up the black phone and looked around to see whom was around him, “the coast is clear” he said to himself as he called Nikole. “HEY! YOU’VE REACHED NIKOLE! I’M NOT IN RIGHT NOW….[laughter] I’LL BE BACK LATER…MAYBE? WELL LEAVE ME A MESSAGE AND I’LL TRY TO CALL YOU BACK OR SOMETHING [more laughter] OKAY BYE!!” was the message on Nikole’s answering machine, Michael sighed he didn’t want to leave a message, he wanted to talk to her. Hanging up he tried his sister La Toya, he looked through the book once more then noticed even her number was missing, “Who has done this? Who would do this to me?” Michael challenged as he looked to find his mother’s number, it was still there. A sigh of relief escaped his lips as he placed his hand above his heart. He dialed the number and spoke to his mother for what seemed like hours. Finally he asked “Mother have you guys spoken to Nikole while I was gone?” He asked softly thinking about how much needed her in his life. “Michael… no I haven’t, we haven’t not even Janet. Janet said she came to one of her shows in Los Angeles last year but she disappeared before she could go to speak with her, I am so sorry Michael…” His mother Katherine empathized. She knew her son was hurting and she knew Michael loved Nikole very much. Once the phone call ended he got up and looked through his filing cabinets. He found a file, one he had never seen before, opening the file he read over the documents that were signed 2-22-2001 by Nikole, Michael’s eyes widened as he read them over and over again, “You will not ask for custody, you will not ask for money you will leave the child and his new family alone” read the doucments over and over Michael couldn’t believe that Nikole would sign these. “Who would have made her sign these….” He began while flipping through the files suddenly his youngest son was at the door. “Daddy can I have some cupcake?” Blanket asked as he walked closer to his father. Michael glanced over his shoulder at his son and smiled. Softly running his hand down Blanket’s face Michael nodded his head. “Let’s go find out what is for supper first, afterwards you may have a cupcake son” Michael replied calmly taking Blanket’s hand in his walking out of the den and into the foyer area on their way to the kitchen. 

"Nikki!!" Janet cheered when there was a knock at Katherine Jackson’s door. The whole family was at dinner this evening, Jermaine, Jackie, Tito, Marlon and Randy, their wives and all of their children and their wives and their children, La toya was there, Maureen and her family was there, even Janet and her new beau were there so she could introduce him to the family. Michael sat in the corner of the living room where everyone was when Nikole walked into the house holding a pie. She smiled when she was greeted by Michael’s children except Blanket and hugged by Katherine. She smiled and kissed Katherine on the cheek and thanked her for the invite, she hurried to the kitchen where she dropped off her pastry then made her way into the living room where music suddenly began to play while Paris moved slowly away from her iphone that she just plugged into the home theatre system. Disco blarred through the speakers surrounding the area as Paris grabbed her friend Michaela and her cousin’s Donte, Randy Jr, Jaafar, Gen, Royal, Jermajesty and her brothers Blanket and Prince and started the electric slide to Earth, Wind and Fire’s hit song Let’s groove ”Come on Miss Nikki you’re missing ALL the fun!!” Paris yelled over the music as she laughed and danced swaying her hips, she continued to dance as the whole family created a soul train line around the 14 year old teenager. “Go Paris go Paris! It’s your birthday, blow out the candles, open your presents” Everyone chanted as Paris shimmed down the soul train line. The only one who didn’t join in all the fun was the one man whom simply wanted to observe it. Family functions like this one wasn’t common in the Jackson home, and Nikole had no idea Michael was there, or even wanted to see her. Michael continued to watch as Blanket stepped out in to the soul train line and danced and jigged his way down the line he grabbed Nikole’s hand and pulled her in with him, dancing with Blanket, Nikole laughed and cheered as she clapped her hands. Janet and her boyfriend then jumped in after wards and the evening continued on as Paris and her bestfriend Michaela invited Katherine in, while doing the 90’s dance, the bump. A smile spread across Michael’s lips as he gave his sister Janet “the signal” that he needed to talk to Nikole. As the dancing continued on and on Janet made her way to Nikole and told her that a friend of her brother’s was here and really wanted to talk to her about something in the kitchen. Acknowledging what Janet was saying to her, she slipped away from the dancing and went into the kitchen. Suddenly the man in disguise appeared his hands in his pockets he nervously nibbled on his bottom lip. 

"I’m a friend of Michael’s" He said to her in a tone she never heard before, slightly intimidated she asked him, "What does that have to do with me?" Stalking the kitchen Michael moved closer to her speaking softly. "Can I talk to you in another part of the house?" He asked her looking at her, as she folded her arms showing her disinterest in everything this man was saying to her, She rolled her eyes and consented to speak with him more privately. Michael led her into the newly remodeled library. Turning on the lights he closed the door behind them. "So what do you need to talk to me about, involving Michael that you can’t say infront of his whole family?" Nikole asked with an attitude "It’s not that simple" He said dropping the tone. Suddenly her eyes widened as she turned her attention to him. For the first time she looked into the strangers eyes, Dark chocolate brown, just like Michael’s. "Michael?" She asked stepping closer to him. "Michele" He said back to her in his best impression of a french accent. "Oh my gosh!" She said throwing herself into his arms. Tears ran down her face against his chest as he held her in his arms. Michael kissed the top of her head as he held her close to him. "Why didn’t you tell me?" She asked him as she looked up at him. "Tell you what?" Michael asked looking down at her with loving eyes. "Why didn’t you tell me all these months we have been conversating, why didn’t you tell me" She asked him once more. Michael listened to her questions and lifted her head looking into her eyes once again. "Stay the night with me? I’ll answer all of your questions" He said softly to her. Taking off his disguise he softly kissed her cheek then took her hand. Walking back out to the fun his fingers laced with hers the family noticed that Michael had removed his disguise. "YAY DA I’M SO PROUD OF YOU!" Paris cheered running over to her father and his acclaimed love. "So what does this mean? Are you guys…" Paris asked prying. Michael giggled softly at her questions. Katherine finally announced it was time for dinner, the family gathered around the table and the dining room, preparing their plates. Family stories were shared as laughter spread throughout the room. Finally after everyone but Michael and his children left Michael and Nikole offered to clean up the dishes and the food. Nikole filled the sink with soap and water as Michael stacked the dishes off to the side and grabbed a towel for drying when she was done washing. The soap filled up with the water creating numberous bubbles. Nikole took a handful of bubbles and called out Michael’s name, once he turned to her with a smile she blew the bubbles across the kitchen at him. Getting bubbles in his hair and all over his face Michael laughed and chased after her, she grabbed more handfuls and threw them at him laughing. Michael laughed as well and finally grabbed her tickling her. Nikole screamed out in joy and laughter as Michael continued to tickle her. "Okay okay you win!!" She whined still laughing. Michael smiled and kissed her forehead and the two cleaned the dishes and the kitchen. Paris and Michaela were peeking around the corner as Michael and Nikole cleaned, laughed and played. "Oh my gosh! They are so cute Paris!! Do you think they love each other?" Michaela asked. Paris smiled and continued to study them, "Do you think she loves him back Michaela?" She asked as they both giggled. Michael heard the ladies giggling. "Come on in ladies" Michael invited Paris and Michaela in for a slice of pie as Nikole swept the floor. "Were off to bed da, love you" Paris called back, suddenly feet ran up the stairs. 

After the kitchen was cleaned Michael asked Nikole to join him in his room for a movie. Without hesitation she followed behind him into his bedroom. “What movie are we going to watch?” She asked smiling up at him. “Hmm I was thinking maybe The Sound Of Music?” He asked watching her while she sat on the bed. “Sure sounds amazing!!” She smiled back to him, “Just like old times?” He asked moving closer to her. “Just like old times,” She assured him with a sweet, loving smile. Nikole took off her shoes and prepared to watched the movie with Michael. Michael grabbed some clothing out of the drawers for himself and for her. Laying the pajama pants and a shirt on the bed for Nikole he made his way into his bathroom to change. Once he was finished he waited and called out to her. “Did you change yet?” He asked patiently as he waited for her to reply that she was ready for the movie. Sitting on the bed in his clothing she called back to him with her mouth full of his candy stash that she found under his bed. “I am ready” She exclaimed back to him. Michael came out to see all the candy in her lap as she was tucked under the blankets on his bed. “Hehe I see you found my stash” Michael giggled as he turned off the lights and climbed under the blankets with her. Michael kissed her cheek then sank into bed. As the movie continued on Nikole put the bowl of candy on the side of the bed and layed with Michael. She wrapped her arms around his waist that wasn’t so thin anymore because he gained some weight. She began to rest her head on his chest listening to his heart beat. “Nikki” Michael whispered to her waiting for him to look up at her. Suddenly as their eyes met so did their lips sending her body into a whirl as if this was their first kiss all over again. The kiss continued and deepened with passion and lust as Michael pulled her body closer to his. “I need you Nikki” He whispered against her lips as he ran his fingers softly through her hair. “Need me? For what Mikey?” She asked back as she softly licked her lips discontinuing the kiss. “I need you in my life” Michael said back to her with desire in his eyes. “I have to go” She said back to him getting off of the bed. Reaching for her hand Michael pulled her back into the bed. “Go where?” He questioned looking into her eyes. “I don’t want to hurt you” She whispered placing her hand on his chest. “Youhurt me everytime you walk away…” Michael concluded.  

Time Waits For No One Chapter 10; (part I)

Chapter 10;

(2001) - Nikole was at home laying on the couch watching a movie, with all of the curtains pulled so it was completely dark in the whole house she lay there watching one of her favourite scary movies, when there was a knock at the door, “ugh who could this be?” she moaned as she struggled to pull herself up from the couch and walk over to the door. She opened the door to a fedora hat hiding behind sunflowers. Giggling she opened the door wider and let him in. “Hi! best….friend….” he voice trailed off when he looked at Nikole, noticing her still petite figure with a huge stomach. Nikole smiled back at him then notice his facial expression drop…”Mikey what’s wrong angel face?” she asked taking the flowers from his hand as she waddled to the kitchen putting the flowers in a vase. “Are you married now?” He asked softly shutting the door behind him as he locked it walking behind her sitting at the bar stool. “No I’m not married…” she sighed glancing back at him. “Would you like something to eat or drink?” She asked Michael sighing. Michael shook his head and pryed into his bestfriend’s love life. “Is he your boyfriend? Does he know? He asked looking at her stomach, “Do you know what it is yet? When are you due?” Michael continued to ask question after question even before she could answer them all. “No he’s not my boyfriend, no he doesn’t know, I am due in february the doctor said, and it’s a boy” she said grabbing a glass and pouring milk into the glass drinking the milk as she rubbed her stomach. “I sing and read to him everyday! He’s very active in there would you like to feel him?” She offered as she took his hand walking to the couch with him. She waited for Michael to sit down then sat beside him taking his hand in hers she put his hand on stomach and waited. “Michael say something to him” she whispered. Michael looked at her stomach then looked up at her and nodded “uhm okay…Hello in there! it’s your…” Michael paused then looked up at Nikole, “What am I to him? his uncle? that sounds horrible…” he sighed then started to rub his hand along her stomach. “Just sing to him like you sing to me…” She whispered back to him as she closed her eyes, nodding Michael thought of a song to sing than began with a song he wrote his children, prince and paris… “You are the sun, you make me shine, or more like the stars…that twinkle at niiight, you are the moon, that glows in my heart…you’re my day time, my night time, my world…. you are my lifeeeee…” he sang as the baby in Nikole’s stomach pushed at the voice that sang to him. Michael smiled brightly looking at Nikole, “He’s so sweet! I can not wait to see him, I bet he will look just like you!” Michael encouraged hiding the hurt in his voice wishing it was his seed growing inside of the woman he loved so passionately. “Come to my house for christmas? I would love you to meet my children since I just met yours” Michael looked into her eyes pulling her closer to him. “Okay I would love to meet your children,” Nikole said softly wrapping her arms around her bestfriend as she layed against his chest, she closed her eyes and in no time she had fallen asleep in Michael’s arms.

Nikole called Janet once she woke up seeing the text message she recieved while she was sleeping. “He loves me? is that what he said?” Nikole asked back to Janet, Janet giggled when she answered the phone because those were the first words to come out of Nikole’s mouth. “Well he didn’t out right say ‘I love her’ but when I told him 1,2,3 he said to tell you 4,3,2… you guys have been so close since you were kids what is taking you guys so long to get together?” Janet questioned as she sat up in her bed. “I love him so much Jan but he always looked past me, I mean look Lisa Marie, Debbie… I was never Michael’s choice if anything I was his LAST choice…” Nikole sighed putting her phone on speaker as she walked to the mirror, applying her face creme to keep her youthful look she then pulled out her clothes for her morning jog. “He says daily how he misses you…” Janet said back to Nikole, “But I think I met someone…” Nikole said back to Janet sighing knowing how that would hurt the conversation and the topic. “Oh have you? Where did you meet him, have you been on any dates? how many dates? where did you guys go?” Janet asked playing with her hair. “DAMITA JO! sheesh you’re a nosey little thing aren’t you!” Nikole joked as she thought of all the answers to her questions. “I can’t really say I met someone, I mean its just this guy I met on MSN he’s really sweet, well he treats me very nicely and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have a thing for me like I have for him, infact it would probably creep him out if he knew I called him ‘someone I met’” Nikole chuckled softly continuing her conversation with Janet. “Oh you met his on MSN? yeah because internet love lasts so long huh!” She teased then continued her questions, “What is his name? please tell me you at least got his name! and how long have you known this guy to be thinkin that you catchin feelin’s and what not?” Janet asked getting out of her bed, she walked into her bathroom getting her things ready for a shower. She had a photoshoot later in the day. “Well his name is uhm.. Michele,” Nikole replied with a french accent, “Michele oh you mean Michael in french?” Janet said back to her then grabbed her shower gels and robe taking them into the bathroom. “He didn’t say his name was Michael he said Michele, and I believe his name is Michele…” Nikole said back to her softly sighing. “Well Michele is the same as Michael just so know, now I have to take a shower I have a photoshoot later, want me to come by?” Janet asked walking back into the bedroom to hang up her phone and put it back on the charger until it was time to leave. “Uhm no its okay, maybe I’ll come surprise you on your set!” Nikole laughed softly. The two told each other they love each other and would see each other later then hung up the phone. Nikole got dressed in her spandex and went for her run. Janet turned on the shower, dropped her clothing to the tiled floor in her condo then stepped into the shower lathering her body with Dove Summer Care nourishing body conditioner. Once she was finished she washed her hair then got out of the shower wrapping her robe around her tone, slender body. Janet got dressed in her white button up and argyle sweater vest then grabbed her black slacks and high heels and finished getting dressed. Walking out to her car with her prada hand bag and iphone, someone approached her. “Hey! Can I stay inside your place?” The unexpected guest asked staring at Janet. The man’s clothes were tatored and torn and were brown, they looked like they were white once before. “Uhm I’m sorry but I can take you to a local shelter, they can feed you, clothe you and even bathe you…” she said with a smile on her face looking up at the man. The man took off his sunglasses and looked into her eyes. “oh my goodness Michael!!!” She cheered hoping out of the SUV and jumped up giving her older brother a hug, “Yes of course you can stay here, here is the keys, I have tons of your clothes in my spare room, there’s plenty of food and of course take a shower, you don’t stink but you look like you do!” she joked and kissed her brother giving him another hug. “And any info you need on Nikki is in my office” she said as she got back in the car and turned on the engine, “I have a photo shoot and lunch with Nikki I’ll be back afterwards okay?” She said back to her brother after rolling down the window letting him know of her daily plans. “Okay it’s fine when you come back can you take me to see mother and the kids please?” He advocated. Nodding her head yes Janet promised to take him to their mother’s home when she returned from the photo shoot.

(2002) - February couldn’t come soon enough, while Nikole was sleeping peacefully in her bed, she suddenly felt wet, quickly waking up she pulled the blankets back to reveal the amniotic fluid running down her legs. “Oh no you don’t! you’re not coming until I get to the hospital!” she said calmly to the fetus in her belly. Slipping on her pajama pants and her slippers she glanced at the clock, it was half past midnight on February 21st, after getting completely ready she took a deep breath then grabbed her jacket and car keys. No one in her family knew she was pregnant or about to have a baby except her bestfriend Skye and her sister Sharon, she also told Janet when she first concieved. Gradually getting into the vehicle she drove her self to the hospital, calling Skye, Sharon and Janet on her way. The only two that were in Los Angeles with her with Janet and Skye. Sharon would be on the next flight out in the morning. “Hello?” Janet asked answering the phone in a fatigue intonation. “Janet quick my water broke! Meet me at the UCLA medical center! Love you” she hung up turning her focus back to the pavement as she accelerated to the medical center. She text her friend Skye to let her know that she was checking into the hospital and that her water had exploded. Waddling into the infirmary she explained to the nurse at the first desk she was in labor. “How far apart are you contractions?” The nurse asked walking around to get Nikole a wheelchair. “I would say the pain comes every 3-5 minutes” She said inhaling and exhaling calmly like she was enlightened in her birthing classes. “Michael you are SO lucky I love you so much” She whispered as she was advised to get into the wheel chair while the nurse’s assistant took her to the 3rd floor where the birthing floor was. Still inhaling and exhaling the only thing on her mind when she got to the delivery room was the health of her baby and how excited she was to see him. “I want to wait a little longer before I push him out, please? His aunts are on their way I swear!” Nikole said breathlessly as she climbed onto the rice bed laying back to relax breathing slow and calmly. “Miss uh…” The nurse began as she fumbled through the paper work looking for Nikole’s last name. “Miss Doe, just call me Doe” Nikole looked up at her, “What is it?” Nikole asked peeking over her large stomach to look at the nurse. “Ma’am you’re baby can’t stay in there until his aunts come…he’s crowning!” The nurse said alarmed as she put Nikole’s legs up and grabbed the towels and blankets. “WAIT WHAT?! HE’S COMING? NOW?! NOO KEEP HIM IN THERE!” Nikole panicked just as Skye and Janet rushed into the delivery room. “We’re here we’re here! Go ahead have the baby Nikki! We’re here honey!” Janet assured her as she ran over to Nikole’s side softly stroking her head. “Have the baby it’s okay, relax, breathe, if my brother was here he would be so proud of you.” Breathing heavily Janet whispered to comfort Nikole. With not even a whole push Nikole sat up slightly and pushed, seconds later her first and only child was born. Screaming and wailing he was wisked away for nurtients and a quick bath and to be dressed before returning to his mother. “Nikole you did great! that was amazing, Michael would be so proud if he knew…” Janet’s voice trailed off just as the baby boy was brought back to Nikole wrapped up. “….if he only knew” Nikole whispered as she accepted her perfect baby into her arms kissing him and telling him all about his father before he was to meet him the next day. “He will love you so much, because you are his perfect angel. You have two siblings a big brother and a big sister, they can’t wait to meet you.” She spoke softly to her baby as she rocked him looking into his large brown eyes. “You look just like your daddy and he’s going to love you so much I just know it!” Nikole whispered as she kissed his forehead. “Miss…uh…Doe was it?” the nurse asked approaching the bed slowly not to startle the baby. “Yes?” Nikole asked looking up from her baby. “We will bring this bed around for the baby to sleep in next to you if you would like” the nurse suggested, pulling the small crib on wheels along behind her. “Well yes I would like to have him sleep next to me before he goes…” She whispered holding back tears looking at the beautiful creation she made for her best friend and the love of her life. She layed the baby in the crib, climbing back into the bed she turned on the television set and fell asleep watching some old cartoons.

The next morning had approached too fast when she was nudged by Janet. “Nikki!!” She whispered waking up the sleeping new mother. “Yes?” Nikole asked rubbing her eyes as she sat up. “Michael’s people…they are here to take the baby…” She said quietly nodding over towards the crib the petite baby laid sound asleep in. Nodding her head Nikole climbed out of the bed carefully not to knock anything out of place or wake the sleeping bambino. “Say good bye to your baby” Janet said softly taking the baby into her arms, Nikole tenderly kissed her baby’s soft head, tears running down her face she watched Janet import her baby into the arms of 2 large bodyguards. She smiled warmly knowing that the bodyguard holding her baby was Frank, one of Michael’s most trusted. She walked away from the door so she wouldn’t be seen then sat on the bed waiting for Janet to return to the room with the paper work. “Hi Nikki, I know this can NOT be easy for you, but you did a great thing for Michael, he will be thrilled to have another child in his life, he will be even more thrilled when he finds out the mother is you!” Janet said with exuberant energy that filled the room. “He can’t know I am the baby’s mother, but please keep me informed on him… my baby? Please?” Nikole asked sadly while looking at the paperwork. “Please just give me the paper work so I can leave…” she whispered reaching for Janet’s hand, Nodding her hand Janet gave the black and white documents to Nikole to read over and sign. “This one says you will not go seeking parental rights after you have signed this paper saying you are giving up all of your rights to my brother…” Janet said in a business like tone. “This one says you are not asking for any kind of financial support or financial earnings from giving your child to my brother or having his sperm implanted inside of you.” Janet continued… “And finally this one says that you will keep this confidental, he has to sign the same paper even though he doesn’t know you are the mother…” Janet finished. As she slid the papers over to Nikole, without reading them Nikole signed the credentials, then got up and made her way to the window where she watched the men get into the black sedan with her baby in his carseat. “I love you…” She whispered, still pressed against the window as she watched the sedan pull away taking the baby to Michael. Once the baby reached Neverland. The carseat was taken out of the vehicle and taken into the house for Michael whom was doing a puzzle with his other children. “Mr. Jackson we have your baby…” Grace the children’s nanny had announced leading Frank with the carseat to where Michael was. “Oh great! Come on guys let’s go meet your new little brother!” Michael announced as he sprang to his feet, fixing his shirt and his hat, he looked down at his bundle of joy. “oh my gosh! he is perfect absolutely perfect!” he smiled as he showed the baby off to his other children Prince and Paris. “Daddy he is so precious! I love him so much! Thank you daddy thank you thank you thank you!!” Paris proclaimed hugging her father, Prince smiled and thanked Michael as well for another sibling then rubbed the baby’s head. “What we can call him daddy?” Prince asked as he stared at the baby. “We’re going to call him, Blanket…” Michael smiled as he held his baby close to him rocking him back and forth. “Blanket it means blessing,” Michael repeated…

Time Waits For No One Chapter 9;

Time Waits For No One Chapter 9;

A knock at the door had startled Nikole as she was finishing up the pastries for her evening with her great friend Janet. She wiped her hands on her apron making her way around the island in the middle of the kitchen, walking over to the door she opened the entry, unlocking and opening the door she smiled expecting Janet, her mouth fell open when she saw Michael’s three children that she had never met. “Oh my gosh! Look at you three!” She smiled opening her arms for hugs from all of them. Prince was the first to accept this sweet woman’s love, walking up to her he wrapped his arms around her petite body. “Aunt Janet told us all about you on the way here” he smiled at her, “You’re a great friend of our father’s right?” He asked, Paris walked into the house singing and dancing with Blanket trailing right behind her. “Hello Miss Nikole! You are gorgeous doll!” Paris said to her with a bright smile as she also hugged her. “Awee thank you Paris you are so sweet, just like your father,” Nikole replied to Paris about her compliment. A shy and timid 10 year old walked in right behind Paris looking around the house. Tears immediately filled the wells of Nikole’s eyes as she laid her eyes on Blanket Jackson and how much he resembled Michael. Nikole’s hands quickly cupped around her mouth as she made eye contact with Janet whom smiled and nodded slightly. “Hi! Blanket right?” Nikole managed as she choked on her words moving closer to Blanket. Nodding his head he moved closer to Paris. “You are simply adorable, all three of you are gorgeous children! You’re father would be very proud of you!” Nikole continued. “I made some snacks and got some movies, I hope you guys are into Star Wars because that’s the only child movie I could find that would appease all of our ages besides my disney collection.” Prince-Michael smiled as he nodded, “Disney is great! brings out the inner kid in all of us” his voice deeper than before, because he was going through “the change”. Nikole smiled as she nodded looking back at Janet, “They are really amazing children thank you!” She smiled back at Janet. At the sound of Star Wars Blanket instantly loosened up nodding his head. “YES OH YES I LOVE STAR WARS! THE STORM TROOPERS ARE SO COOL AREN’T THEY?!” Blanket asked Nikole insisting she agree with him, Nikole glanced at Blanket smiling then looked over at Paris, Paris gave her an approving nod to go with whatever he said. “Oh yes Blanket the storm troopers are pretty amazing! I like Luke what about you” Nikole asked. Inviting everyone into the living room she began the movie and turned off the lights while she went to get the snacks, popcorn and drinks. “Here ya go” Nikole said coming back, “shhhh it’s starting!” Blanket groaned as the slanted words appeared on the screen. “Oh oops my bad” Nikole whispered and administered the goodies. (1994) - “In the news today two young boys the age of ten murder a class mate from school, the children are being tried as adults in the matter, but where are the parents?” The news reporter read off of the prompt in front of him as Michael sat astonished on the hotel bed listening to the reported murder. Getting up Michael began to look for something to wear in his suit case while he continued to listen to the news. Finally there was footage of the two young boys on the television set bringing Michael’s attention back to the screen. Later the reporter advised of the prison the children will be held at while serving time. “What are you doing?” Lisa Marie asked coming into the hotel room from the front desk where she had complained about the noise level outside from Michael’s fans. “I’m going out” Michael simply replied while slipping his shoes on. “You’re going out? Where? you’re not going to disguise? There’s millions down there screaming for you” Lisa complained watching Michael. “I love my fans of course they are screaming for me,” he giggled as he walked to the window, opened the curtain and waved out to those below whom screamed and cried for his attention. “They love me Lisa” he turned back to her smiling. “Great, now where are you going?” She said with an irritated tone folding her arms. “Oh Lisa I just heard about these poor children on TV they have killed another, one of there peers. It’s so sad I must go see them.” Michael said with much sadness in his eyes. “You idiot! You’re just rewarding them for what they did!” she said back to him with disgust in her voice. “How DARE you say that!” Michael said taken back by her comment, as he placed his hands on his chest, “I bet if you look back into their family history you will see these children were not raised with love, they were not raised with two parents whom loved them.” he continued proving his point. Not wanting to hear much of that she had to say, Michael walked to the hotel room door and left. Hurting. He was very hurt that his own wife would say those things to him, that this woman he loved so deeply would pick these harmless fights with him for no reason. He hurt because he felt like he was losing her, but when in reality she was losing him. It had been months since they eloped and Lisa Marie had given a promise that she had yet to deliver. Upon Michael’s return to the hotel many hours later, he stripped from his clothing, putting on pajama pants and a white v-neck style shirt he walked to the bed and turned off the lamp, laying on his back he looked up at the ceiling. “Can we have a baby now?” Michael whispered to Lisa Marie. Lisa rolled over facing Michael glaring at him. “uh no! what makes you think I want any more children?” she whined and layed back down, sighing Michael nodded and knew his marriage was over. “I have walked around for month’s around your house with baby dolls as a way to prove my point, I want children Lisa” he said back to her calmly to hide his hurt and pain. “You have mine…” she replied dryly as she rolled over her back facing Michael as her dark eyes focused on the white wall. “No I heard you, in an interview, you plainly said that they were Keough’s that other guy…” he sighed shaking his head. “Well maybe I’d change my mind if you thought more about converting…” she short back at Michael. “Converting? to scientology? Lisa you know I don’t agree with them at all, that’s just not what I’m into I’m sorry. Are you telling me, you will not bear my children because I will not convert? I asked you if you would have my children, you said yes, you promised to give me a child or more and look here we are, childless and in this bed arguing” he said back to her he sighed glancing over at the clock. There was only one person he suddenly wanted to talk to. The last person on his mind as his eyes began to close was Nikole, he knew she would never hurt him this way, he longed for her company at this very moment, he wanted to hold her, hear about her day, run his fingers through her hair as he sings endless tunes to her and tell her how beautiful she is until they both fell asleep. He longed for Nikole in his arms just as bad as he longed for a baby. It wasn’t before the unhappy Jackson couple returned back to the United States that Michael started moving his things out of Lisa Marie’s home and back to his Neverland ranch. It seemed like forever since he had been back to his old home. He smiled at the suitcases that were by the door as he walked in. “Home sweet home” he said to himself softly. Sleep was what he needed but there was too much on his mind. Michael went into the movie theatre and watched endless hours of Charlie Chaplin’s greatest silent movies as he waited for his lawyer. It had been a terribly long 19 months and Michael was not only hurt but tired, he was tired of fighting, tired of being lied to. She made a promise she didn’t keep. That hurt him to the core. Michael was home alone, in deep thought, it was very late at night and Michael didn’t know what to do or say, he knew he wanted to see Nikole but he had filed for his first divorce, marriage wasn’t supposed to end in his eyes, he sighed as he walked into his bedroom, he glanced over at the window, making his way to the curtain. Michael sat beside the window looking up at the moon, letting out a loud sigh Michael got down on his knees, still looking up at the moon. “You’re all I have now moon, Nikki, if you can hear me, like when we were little, I asked you to be my bestfriend, well I asked Mr. Moon to grant you as my bestfriend and you came, we’ve been bestfriend’s ever since. Where are you? I need you…” He sighed softly as tears began to fall from his eyes in an never ending race to get to his chin down his face. I hope you’re on the other side talking to me too, I miss you so much Nikki! Mr. Moon if you have ever felt a loss like this please understand that I need my bestfriend more than ever, right in this moment.” Michael said pleading with “the man on the moon.” Months had gone by since Michael had seen Nikole, which wasn’t uncommon, for them they both got busy. Michael decided to take a break from Neverland, a break from life and checked into a hotel. So his mother Katherine wouldn’t worry he told her where he was, at the Beverly Hills Hotel. He sat in the corner of the room when there was a knock at the door. He hadn’t been expecting company and wondered whom it was. Getting up he slowly moped to the door and opened it. “Michael…” The soft voice said so sweetly, Michael opened the door wider only to see Nikole standing before him. “I’m not in town for long I leave again in 2 days but you’re mother, Elizabeth, Janet and La Toya all told me you haven’t been doing well so I thought I would come check on you.” Nikole said standing in the door way still. “Please come in! We need to talk” He said taking her hand pulling her into the room. Shutting the door behind her he motioned her to have a seat on the bed. “Why is it so dark in here Mikey?” She asked reaching for the light switch. “Don’t…” Michael whispered taking her hand before she could reach the switch. Bringing her to the bed he laid his body across the bed pulling her with him, he held her in his arms and played with her hair, suddenly he began to hum. Nikole knew Michael needed this moment more than anything she had to say. Wrapping her arms around his waist she listened to the beautiful rhythm of his heart beat as she closed her eyes. “If you should ever find someone new…I know he better be good to you…” Michael whispered to Nikole. Nikole continued his sentence “and if she doesn’t…I’ll be there” she finished looking up at Michael. Without a word she knew all he needed was love. The two laid together for the remainder of the evening into the wee hours of the morning. Lisa Marie had spent most of her day at Katherine’s, declaring her ever-lasting love for Michael. She begged Katherine to tell her where Michael was because he wasn’t at the ranch. “Baby, My son is a very sensitive soul just give him time, I know he loves you, he will come around.” Katherine said to Lisa Marie whom was an emotional wreck, mascara running down her face. “Do you have a piece of paper I may use Miss Katherine? I want to write him a letter.” he said to her. Writing to him Lisa thought of everything that could bring Michael back to her. “Michael I love you and miss you so much, I am so sorry about all of the constant fighting. I want to have your baby, I’ll give you nine or ten or however many children you want Michael I will give them to you if you please come back to me.” she wrote quickly signing the letter “Love Lisa” she handed the letter to Katherine and sighed, “Please don’t let him move on…” Lisa whispered hugging Katherine and thanking her for her time. Katherine walked Lisa Marie to the door and saw that she got to the car carefully watching her drive away. Michael still laying in the arms of his soul mate. After the movie had finished Janet and Nikole looked at the children, Prince and Paris we’re wide awake, although young Blanket had fallen fast asleep. Janet smiled at Nikole, “Can I talk to you in the kitchen Nik?” Janet asked getting up walking with Nikole to the kitchen. “Do you want me to let him stay here and sleep over, you can get to know him better?” Janet asked searching Nikole’s face for an expression, their eyes meeting each others. “No, please do not make any changes in his life…” Nikole replied looking over at the kids. She smiled looking back at Janet. “He raised them right, they are terrific children” she smiled and hugged Janet. “I will carry him to the car though” she smiled at her and winked then walked over to the couch. “Alright guys its time to get you back to granny’s…” Janet said to the children, Nikole picked Blanket up in her arms, walking out to Janet’s black lexus SUV. Once everyone was in the car Nikole thanked Janet for a lovely evening. “I love you so much…If you hear from him…tell him 1.2.3?” Nikole asked Janet, Janet promised to relay the message. “Nice to meet you guys take care!” Nikole said to Prince-Michael and Paris as Janet drove off into the night. Walking back into the house Nikole cleaned up then laid in her bed, thinking about Michael and his pain killer addiction that she had helped Elizabeth diagnose and talk him into getting help in London in rehab. Michael did of course go to rehab and returned healthy and pain killer free. Nikole laid with her pillows looking at the ceiling, turning her head to the side she noticed the moon, “1.2.3” she said to the moon as she closed her eyes snuggled deep into her blankets. Meanwhile Janet knew it was day where her brother was and sent him a message on his iphone once she left her mother’s house letting him know that they need to have a ichat or facetime session. Within an hour Janet was home and the facetime ringer was going off, sliding her index along the screen she smiled when her older brother Michael appeared on the screen, “She met Blanket today” Janet began as she smiled looking at her brother. “Did she? how did he react? was he shy? frightened?” He asked prying about Nikole, “He didn’t really talk to her except when we watched Star Wars” Janet chuckled as she thought for a moment, silence falling into the conversation. “She said to tell you 1.2.3” Janet began as she looked at Michael whom suddenly started smiling. “What does that mean Michael?” She asked as she looked into his eyes through the screen. “You can count on me like 1,2,3 ill be there, and I can count on you like 4,3,2 cause you’ll be there… thats what it means” he smiled at her. “Hey Donk I love you so much thank you for everything, I’m going to come home soon, I can not take this much longer.” He said back to his adoring younger sister. “Be very careful Peter! lots of disguises you know the drill” she winked at him then blew a kiss as they both told each other they love each other from the bottom of their hearts and clicked off of the live chat. “He really loves you…” Janet text to Nikole while she was sleeping. (1996) - Janet was the first to hear about Michael marrying Debbie Rowe, assistant to his dermatologist when his fight against vitiligo his skin pigment disorder had begun. Janet often questioned why not Nikole. “Mike why not Nikole?! Is she not good enough? why are you leaving her out of all of this?” She asked, her eyes begged for an answer. “I simply asked Nikki to bear my children, she told me no, so I am marrying Debbie, I love her and she is more than willing to have my children. Infact she’s already pregnant…” he said back to his sister. “Already pregnant? what? how?” Janet looked confused, “She is 6 months pregnant with my son, the first to help carry on my legacy besides my music, my legacy of love, I have so much love in my heart Janet and I want to give it away” he ascribed to his sister, confiding in her. It wasn’t but a few months previous to her finally getting pregnant that Michael and Debbie had tried to have a child, but Debbie had a miscarriage. The months seemed to fly by when Michael was sitting in his home theatre watching home movies from when he was young before all the fame and glamour when his employee came to inform him that Debbie’s water broke. Jumping to his feet, the happiest day of his life was finally here. He ran to her aide as he called the Neverland ambulance and paramedics to get her on a gurney and get them to the hospital as soon as possible. “Push Mrs. Jackson, push! we need you to push a little harder!” The doctor told Debbie Rowe while he stood to the side Michael sitting on a stool waiting and ready at Debbie’s opening. “I see a head!” Michael announced with adventure in his voice, “One more BIG push…” He said to Debbie cheering her on. Pushing one last time the head began to peek out and the precious baby boy was welcomed into this world by his father. Wrapping him in towels and blankets Michael held his son while he was given the vitamins and nurtients, “Prince-Michael” Michael spoke softly and proudly as he escaped the hospital taking his son home, back to the Neverland Ranch. Tears of joy in Michael’s eyes while he cleaned off his son himself and put his new born diaper and clothes on him. Michael laid the baby in his crib while he sat in the rocking chair across from the room, not sleeping a wink Michael stayed up all night watching his son sleep peacefully. Once Debbie had returned back to the ranch to live with him and their son, Michael glanced at her, he couldn’t wait another minute. When she walked in and saw Michael rocking and singing to Prince his oldest son, “Once he is asleep, we need another one, let’s go to France to celebrate the birth of something so precious and lovely, isn’t he lovely, beautiful, perfect…” He smiled looking down at the child in his arms. It wasn’t too long afterwards while on their trip to France that Debbie was pregnant once again. This time it was a little girl. The months, weeks, days, hours, seemed to drag as Michael waited for his 2nd child to arrive to keep his pride and joy company. About a year later Michael and Debbie Rowe were to be divorced, Michael gaining custody of his children as Debbie had intended. She kept in contact with Michael about the children and continued to visit regularly. Michael went back to work on another album, entitling it Invincible he wrote and wrote and wrote never forgetting the one woman whom still held the key to his heart. While Michael was sitting outside in the grass writing his song Butterflies with thoughts of Nikole all over his mind, a slue of emotions overwhelmed him, he missed her, he wanted her to meet his children. Suddenly his two children came skipping out of the house hand in hand to their father, “Dadddddddy!” the two children said to each other, “we just want to say thank you!” Prince said to his father, “You’re so very welcome, but why are you thanking me?” Michael asked setting the pen and paper to the side giving his children his full attention. “Daddy thank you for Prince,” Paris said smiling, Prince then thanked Michael for Paris as the two hugged each other. “She’s the best!” Prince said of his slightly younger sister, “He is so nice daddy!” Paris said of Prince kissing his cheek. The two children then ran up to each side of Michael’s face kissing his cheek at the same time. The two smiled and nodded as they had something planned, “YOU ARE MY DADDY MY ONLY DADDY YOU MAKE ME HAPPY, WHEN SKIES ARE GREY, YOU NEVER KNOW DEAR HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU, PLEASE DON’T TAKE MY DADDY AWAY!” they both sang to their father then ran up to him hugging him tightly. The two young children sang this to their father every morning when they saw him. Michael was no longer hurting like he was before. There was still a void that he needed filled and of course he wished there was a physical body in bed with him everynight but for now his children, his music and treasured fans were all he needed… (2001) - The phone rang loudly as Michael ran inside from a water fight with his children, “Hello?” He said laughing, “Mister Jackson, it seems as though you had requested a surrogate mother a while back and we were unable to fit what you were looking for, however, we have found the description you requested, the sperm has been implanted and she is infact pregnant, its a little boy, the mother is 5 months along, you can expect your baby boy in the next few months congrats…” The man on the other line stated as he congradulated Michael. Michael was beyond excited to have yet another child. But for some reason Nikole crossed his mind again, he really wanted her to come meet his children, she hadn’t been to Neverland since the evening he showed her the great theme park. Ignoring his butterflies and anxiety about contacting the woman of his dreams he took a deep breath and called her. “Hello?” Nikole answered with a tired and groggy voice. “Nikki? were you sleeping? did I wake you?” Michael frowned as he listened to her tone. “Yes I was sleep its okay Mikey, what’s going on?” She asked as she sat up rubbing her eyes. “Nothing I just miss you terribly! Can I see you! Will you come over here?” He asked sweetly sitting down in the chair beside the phone. “I’m not feeling well Michael, can you come over here instead?” She asked as layed back on the bed shaking her head, “Be right back!” She said in a hurried tone as she raced to the restroom puking up her meal from the evening before. “SHUCKS!” She complained as she sat beside the toilet crying bringing her knees to her chest she put her head down in her knees and cried more rocking back and forth, the only thing on her mind was Michael. She knew what was wrong but knew to go back to the doctor anyways. She got up from the bathroom and cantered back to the phone call. “Mikey I have to go, I need to see a Dr. I love you I’ll keep in touch and let you know what’s going on okay? I love you…” She said hanging up the phone as she walked out to her car and drove herself to the dr. The Dr. did a regular check up on Nikole and let her know that everything looked okay but that maybe it could be something internal and that he would love to see her for tests, agreeing Nikole set the appointments for the tests then went home…she went back to sleep….